Investment Approach

Our Philosophy

Humility is the foundation of successful investing. That is why our philosophy and process both place a premium on preservation of capital and entrepreneurship.

Our Principles

Based on being well-positioned to capture today's best opportunities when they are presented

Investment Performance Over Asset Gathering

We focus on the quality of our investments, not on the growth in our assets under management. Our actions will be guided by pursuing enhanced returns for investors, not growing the firm’s profitability.

Maintain Proper Risk Controls

First, we uphold a preservation capital bias and second, the generation of a return on our capital. We will invest when we find an opportunity to deliver an above-average return with below-average risk.

Deliver Consistent Results

Our investment partners deserve reliable performance regardless of the economic environment. We will demonstrate our skill through patience and a penchant for curating assets that can outperform in any economic cycle.

Independent Thinking

We follow fundamentals, not the crowd. As market conditions evolve, we will shift focus among product types, geographies, and strategies, while adopting an aggressive or defensive stance as needed.

Superior Market Knowledge

We employ a “bottom-up” process based on proprietary, opportunity-specific research into the product, market, and the counsel of local experts with whom we collaborate.

How We Invest

To avert overly competitive markets, Rockstreet intentionally limits investments to the middle-market. This real estate segment is difficult for larger opportunity funds to access efficiently while also requiring capital that outstrips most private investors.

Rockstreet couples 22 years of principal investment experience in the middle-market with confidence to examine opportunities. We identify market trends early in order to seamlessly shift focus across product types and geographies as opportunity or risks develop.


Specialized Operating Teams

Most Rockstreet investments are made through joint ventures with highly skilled local operating teams that possess a distinguished track record in their respective product types and geographies. Known as our Resource Groups, they are drawn from the nation’s top real estate development, management and operating teams, specializing either in multifamily, retail, office, or industrial.


Direct Platforms Created For Scale

Real estate investment cycles typically last 7 to 10 years. As such, Rockstreet has positioned itself to access vertical-integrated operating platforms staffed with dedicated teams from our Resource Groups to take advantage of cycle resets. One example is within the retail/social infrastructure asset class with Direct Partners. Such affiliations give us an advantage in seizing opportunity, identifying value, and driving performance with enhanced returns.

"Our ability to joint venture or invest directly through strategic affiliations both increases our opportunity set and affords us an operational advantage. We can consistently offer the best-of-the-best opportunities through joint ventures as well as direct investments."

Travis Furr - President & CEO

Rockstreet Partners invest in opportunistic and value-added real estate in high-growth submarkets throughout the United States.

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